Friday, September 19, 2008

Life on embankments..

Kosi still hangs around here
Country boats made of Banana trunks hav transport.
Frail frame of shelter n occupant on embankment   

Kosi still flows around , but the bite is least near this
embankment. More than a thousand families live here now,

and every passing day..a sort of village is developing out here.

On way to camp

Dafarka Embankment Dafarka Embankment
Dafarka Embankment 

You have to carry supplies through to these camps..and its a 4 km hike
to the other end...its was almost impossible to get anything on the far
end as we were almost mobbed

carrying the supplies through.

The best option was to go early in the morning and start from the other

Dafarka EmbankmentDafarka Embankment   
Dafarka Embankment
Dafarka Embankment

These are schools that have been started at the embankment are really
doing very well..and we plan to provide sustained help to them till
 they are shifted to a permanent place.

Dafarka Embankment

Dafarka Embankment

Dafarka Embankment

Abhay & Guneshwar, both from DA-IICT,Gandhinagar,Gujrat,
volunteered to work with us..traveling all the way down from
Gandhinagar and immediately starting work

on these camps non stop for the last five days. Its been incredibly
pleasurable and inspiring to have them here..and as they leave us..we
are more

determined to carry on the education centers started, funded and
inspired by them.

Dafarka Embankment

Dafarka Embankment

Dafarka Embankment

Dafarka Embankment

Anand Bhadani is a M.Tech student and Guneshwar is a P.hD scholar at
DA-IICT, Gandhinagar.

Items Received/Purchased - today

Iteams received From Mr.Vivek Pandey, JP Nagar B'lore

12 KG Cerelac baby food

Bentadine (Povidone iodine ointment)
Silverex anti bacterial cream
Electrol ORS sachets
Items Received From Capegemini, Mumbai

51 boxes of clothes,food,shelter materials
Sent by Mr.Tulsi Dicholkar
Capegemini consulting India Pvt Ltd
B-3, Godrej Industries Complex
EEH, Vikroli E, Mumbai 79

Iteam purchased by Chandan at 
Amul baby milk powder : 30 kg in 200gm sachets : Cost Rs 11025.00
This purchase has been made on behalf of NGO "PRAYAAS" Bangalore
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