Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Send Medicines required in Bihar Flood Relief Camps

We have received request for following medicines. We are planning to send all the below mentioned medicines in a day or so.
1.Metronidazole Oral Suspension 60ml ;250x6.8:
Forbacteria and other microorganisms that cause infections of the reproductive trct, intestine, and other areas
2.Povidone Iodine Ointment :15 gm:500pc
Anti- bacterial application

3.Trimethoprim & Sulphamethaxole Syrup 60 ml.230x6.8
UTI infections, specially in children

5.Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 500 gm.;25x150
Antibiotic. As a cream it is used on the skin to prevent or treat serious infection.

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Send baby Milk Powder for Children in Bihar Flood Relief Camps

Details of supply and dispatch of medicines:
These were the medicines delivered at Forbesgunj on 29th of aug.
Chlorine tables=90,000
ORS(Biotral)= 1180
Bioton syrup =499 pc of 60ml each
Paracetimol= 1000 tabs
Biospas tabs= 300
Toyodom= 450
Tonact tabs=500
One life jacket.
Things are slightly better at Forbesgunj now, there are seven relief camps running over there.
In the relief camps, its the infants n childrens who are most vulnerable, so would request to send milk powder and baby food( infant formula) if possible.

Would like to thank Guneshwar (Ahmedabad) who has been a constant touch throughout these two weeks. He went ahead,funded himself, sourced the supplier from interior Gujrat, procured them and has sent 50 life jackets and rescue ropes.In the comind days these will be our most important accessories.
He also sent some very effective homeopath medicines for snake bites. That was really an eye opener.
Out of many snake species out here, only four are venomous. During a flood, when a small non inundated area is the only dry place, all living organisms take shelter there. This is a hotbed for bites from snakes, scorpions, centipedes and the like.
Most of the snakebites are misdiagnosed because of water, darkness, confusion and of course the flood trauma. So when a patient is lucky enough to be taken to a hospital, many times wrong diagnosis do cause more harm than good. I mean if you are bitten by a non-poisonous snake, and bite marks are not clear, and one is nervous and hyperventilating, doctors have a very tough and risky judgment to make. whether or not to administer an anti venom and for which species ?
In such circumstances, the suggestions sent by Guneshwar r very handy
People like Guneshwar, Raj/ Manish, Alok, Sandeep and countless others are the real backbone of our state. They inspire others.
Then there are people like Vivek (Bangalore) ,who just called up, asked for what we needed, and has sent milk & baby food for the most susceptible of the flood victims ; the infant and the children.
Unknown names, they just drop in and help you; There's an Indian origin doctor from the US of A who wants to work for flood victims, an American web designer from Tamil nadu.. they just want to chip in. People like Dr.Goswaamy, whom we source our chlorine from, goes out of his way to ensure we have the fresh stock of tablets, at the cheapest rates and he pays for the freight. He’s from Bhopal, owns Hind Pharma, is aware of all the developments of flood in our state. When you talk to him,you can feel the pain and compassion in his voice. Humanity? You bet.
That’s my India. .thats the 'dhak-dhak' you will hear when you come close to the ground
That’s the beat of humanity.
I have met some wonderful people in this fortnight of darkness, destruction and death in bihar.
I have seen the grit, the sheer determination to hang on, to claw their way back, to fight against all odds and triumph over death, and still offer Prayers to the river that caused all this.
Where else can you find this kind of forgiveness, this depth of longing, of belonging, of attachment to ones motherland?
And once in a while, when we are not busy managing our luggage, we long for our homeland, our Bihar….and then we feel the void. It hurts.
Thanks to Rajiv,Vivek & Ashok,Ajit n Divyanshu (24x7) team, you guys are putting graveyard shifts to shame:) and to all those who have been guiding us.


Today's flood status release,Bihar Govt

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Doctors and Medical Staff needed for Bihar Flood Relief Camps

We are looking for Doctors and Medical staff willing to work in the interior flood affected area in Bihar. Please come forward. We will not be able to provide any compensation or expenses however we will provide medicine and right contacts with people working at ground Zero.
We have larger number of cases of diarrhoea and mosquito bite.
Looking for volunteers and groups who can work with us

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Update from Patna Team

Dear friends,
The water levels have reduced in most of the affected areas.The new kosi is merging with Ganges at two points now, old and the new merging points. This acts as a buffer for the whole region and incidences of sudden spurt of water level will minimise.The reduced water level also brings in increase in chances of water borne infections. The most vulnerable sections are the infants and young children who are malnourished and exhausted by continuous exposure to extreme hardship.We have asked our friends to send milk powder, baby food supplements and the type to help these children to stabilize and recuperate properly. These children have already been exposed for up to 14 days extreme weather conditions and acute shortage of food.Guneshwar ji (Ahmedabad) and Vinod ji(Bangalore) have already sent/ are sending these for the children. All these products will be personally delivered to(primarily) women and children welfare camps in Supaul district; namely Birpur,Pratap gunj and Chatapur blocks. Chatapur is still out of reach and we hope the army will get in there today. Am attaching pictures of medicines sent to Forbasegunj. As reported, Forbasegunj is well equipped with supplies now,hence we will be starting with baby food at Supaul. I should be receiving 2nd consignment of chlorine( 3 lak tablets) today. I will update the details after receiving them.

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Cloth collection in Bangalore for Flood affected people

Cloths can be send directly to Red Cross PatnaYou can send Relief Material to Red Cross, Patna at following address:
Mr. S.P. Singh, IAS (Retd.)
Honorary Director
Bihar State BranchIndian Red Cross Society
North of Gandhi Maidan
Patna - 800001
Phone No: 0612 -2201035/6/7; 2226267


--- In, "sksuman02" wrote:>>
Some of our friends wants to collect clothes for flood affected people.
Can someone pl let us know how to send from Bangalore.


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