Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update from ground 28th Aug 2008

This is Raj's letter sent y'day;

*Dear Mr Chandan,
Yesterday I went to the areas- Kathi, Bariya, Chunni and others. The
condition is worst there. I'm sending you the video clips which would
clearly describe the situation. The help from people of Mahatawa has been
outstanding who went with food packets on their heads & tubes into 2.5 km
inside water to deliver them to the most needy & returned from their at
about 8 pm in the evening. People residing on the uplands have been starving
for food since many days. There is hail lot of disease, small child and
other people are suffering from high fever, loose motion, & stomach pain.
They spend the whole night in darkness & in fear that they might drown by
flowing water current which was cutting the band from the sides.
Thanks to the rescue operation today which was strong enough & carried by
military people. But they still haven't reached the above areas.
Since forbesgang is a junction, & a well known areas for its surrounding so lots of flood victims are pouring in. The problem is these people do not
know where to go or where to stay. Relief camp needs to be established at
forbesganj.It will be best if this camp is controlled by a dedicated NGO. In fact I would stress it is done by your team. Let this be a model relief camp for all the others to see and follow the standards set by this camp. There
needs to be some counselors who can prepare these victims in the camp, how
they can start from zero for a better new life.
On 29th there is probably going to be a NGO meeting at Patna with the C.M.
We request you to please participate in the meeting so that the help to this area comes from the right hands.
Lastly would like to thank you for all the pain you & your friends are

Dr Manish

Rest of the videos u can get from youtube (flood in bihar supaul & araria

I am glad that we started working before even National disaster team was
scrambled and we have been continuously working in the largest town near the
biggest breach. We have saved lives, many lives and that's what counts.

So when these people thank us,that takes away all the other inconvenience
that one faces trying to do what should be done.


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