Saturday, August 30, 2008

Update from Ground- 30th Aug 2008

Nepal has released 2.5 million cusecs of water just now.
Water levelnear Forbesgunj has risen by 3 feet in less than one hour. Forbeshgunjis critical now.Beldaur at Supaul -Khagaria border is taking water.Supaul is cut off. Probably Forbesgunj too. News people says lakhs dead, govt of bihar disasterrelief website reports 15 human deaths and zero livestock death. I myself have seen more than 200 cattle death. The speed and quantity at which rotting dead bodies are surfacing,epidemic is imminent, we will be concentrating more on ORS n chlorinein coming days.Army is doing its job, but these personnel are not from Bihar andbecause of lack of local knowledge of river current, its a very riskyevacuation.The relief camps are the only good news, ppl who have reached thereare being taken good care. But you will not see a single smiling face,All these people have lost someone or the other.News channels have started evacuating people now, because they areseeing what is inevitable.Its raining heavily, death is everywhere.Where is our Airforce ? The mighty Indian AF ? They spend more fuel inflying daily sorties than what will be needed to evacuate thousands ofpeople. Where is our Navy .. which is credited as being one of thebest equipped relief n rescue agencies in the world.Who is stopping them from doing what a small country like Sudan( andin fact Nepal)are doing for its citizens.What are we... flood fodders ?Both the central n state govt. has been very insensitive to therequirements of hapless biharies.Out of 30 laks that should have been evacuated., only 3.5 laks havebeen evacuated till now. Agencies have three days to evacuate as manyas possible...cause after that there will ... what can I say... u canread it in papers then.PRAY, Pray for the thousands who have perished, pray for those whohave been trapped on marooned islands getting eroded from both sides,waiting for the final slide that will take them to their watery grave.Pray for 5000 navy boats tomorrow, pray for your brothers. ..Pray for a miracle.Meanwhile, we are doing all we can. Bihari people have shown grit anddetermination that few in the world can match...everyone who can helpis doing, without thinking about their lives. These unknown faces arethe hero ...the beacon that shines bright in this fortnight ofdarkness and death.All of you who can contact your home in Bihar,specially in nearbyareas in Kosi belt, ask them about any information on places wherepeople may be trapped.We will try our best to help them.I thank friends for all the support that they are giving..every second counts.
For relief contact
Mr Parvez Alam,(Dep.Collector flood relief cell)

Aapda prabandhan cell

Red cross society in your area


0612 6450916

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