Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bihar Flood Relief : Update from Baidhnathpur Relief Camp and Nearby area

Email from Chandan
Team distributed Books, notebooks, pencils,erasers, ludo, chess, football etc for children/kids at Baidhnathpur Govt. relief Camp.
After distributing the stationary and toys the team left (two hours late) for Dafarka embankment. Today was good, as now it has three small centers of education on that 4 km strip, as compared to only one, yesterday. The strength at these Centers went up by around 20 children/kids at each place. Because of the milk that's being provided to children/kids by our team. More kids are expected after slates and pencil were distributed in these centers today.
Guneshwar has done exceedingly well in his approach for having more education centers in these conditions... its showing..and its very encouraging.

Clothes sent by Capegemini( from Pune & Kolkata) were distributed, along with lots of biscuits, glucose, baby food and bedsheets(all sent by Capegemini group & others)On behalf of the beneficiaries and our team,We thank Capegemini group, other donors & all those behind the relief effort. You have touched a lot of lives out here !!
There are about 80-100 families here (out of 1200) who observe 'Roza' and it was difficult for them to store food and use it for breaking fast. Biscuits,dry food and milk powder provided by team has been a big help for them. Team distributed clothes sent by the donors. Its starting to look good.
I'll try to send you the list of things we need, but I have to make purchases locally as the need arises. We don't have time and transportation is very difficult, even from Trivenigunj or Supaul or Saharsa.
Team drove whole night & tried to reach the camps early morning (Its was 200 odd km of very bad drive). Team distributed relief materials & moved to next camp and tried to leave for base before sunset. It was bit tiring. So, whatever material we take is strictly according to needs of the camp.
Today I have to procure washing soap, bathing soap and milk powder. I'll get them locally tomorrow before leaving for camp.
I do understand the problems faced by accounts auditing team and their requirements, and am trying to address that issue.
Thank you guys. Thanks to all donors.
You are giving us all the help we need and all the support and things are shaping up.
Thanks & Regards,
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