Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Send Medicines required in Bihar Flood Relief Camps

We have received request for following medicines. We are planning to send all the below mentioned medicines in a day or so.
1.Metronidazole Oral Suspension 60ml ;250x6.8:
Forbacteria and other microorganisms that cause infections of the reproductive trct, intestine, and other areas
2.Povidone Iodine Ointment :15 gm:500pc
Anti- bacterial application

3.Trimethoprim & Sulphamethaxole Syrup 60 ml.230x6.8
UTI infections, specially in children

5.Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 500 gm.;25x150
Antibiotic. As a cream it is used on the skin to prevent or treat serious infection.

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venkat said...

I along with my 4 friends visiting the flood effected area fo bihar for social purpose on sunday 7 th sep 2008 , we have also collected medicines - Please specify where it should be handed over.
Please contact G V reddy, 09938258350.

Chandan said...

Hi venkat,
you can contact me at 9931763070
I would probably be in town on sunday.

I will get in tch with you tomorrow. Thanks a lot for coming down...hopefully we can meet