Friday, September 12, 2008

Requirements from Ground Zero

Pen, pencil, copybooks, other stationary items that's needed for small classrooms and students to class 3 , basically pencils,eraser,sharpeners and notebooks. clothing, specially underclothing for adolescent children, specially girls, soap shampoo hair oil comb nail cutters toothbrush paste vitamin supplements; The mega camps being put up by the govt is coming up well (touchwood !!) and now there are mini communities living within them. All these people hav lost everything, so they hav to start afresh. We are concentrating mainly on the women and children part as of now. UNICEF and RED CROSS are doing good work out in the pockets we are working, saharsa n purnia. Goonj is also doing really good work..they are based at saharsa and are distributing many of the things i mentioned above.

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