Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sad Demise of Dr. Chandrakant Patil during Bihar Flood Relief work



"His death has come as a shock to his parents, as he was the main bread earner in the family. His mother is now in hospital because of the shock," said Anil Dudhabhate, general secretary of the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD).

Patil's family friend from Dhule, Pramod Bet said that both his parents were in shock. "We are trying to support them and prepare for the last rites," Bet said.
"He was a very friendly and hardworking resident doctor with a keen interest in social work — something he planned to pursue in future," Dudhbhate recalled. Patil's father Umakant works in a mill in Dhule while his younger sister is studying for HSC examination.

We should come forward and give all possible support for Dr. Chandrakant's family. Not only in short term but also long term. He has lost his life for others so now its our moral responsibility to take care of his family. But unfortunately in past we easily use to forget our real hero's, hope this time we'll not do the same...

Guneshwar Anand.

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Ashok said...

This news has shocked many people.
We are trying to generate some support for Dr Patil's family.

Please check the link below.