Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update from Ground Zero

Despite the biggest manpower and agencies here, chlorine is not available.Yesterday, Sangeeta di, head of AOL(Art of Living), carried 150000 chlorine tablets and 40000 Si Dicor tablets to banmanki camp, Purnia, where they areworking with the Armed forces. Most of relief efforts carried out from there is in villages deep inside. Doctors from Army and Bangalore AOL chapter go there in shifts. Outside of some govt camps are tons of cloth lying in the open, rotting. Yet many are without clothes at other places. Saharsa, Supaul, Madhepur, have literally 100's of camps. Political parties have their own camps..and they woo in victims with jalebi,puri,rice, dal,papad..kind of stuff u find in marriages. Thats great...people have choices now...they walk around n take their pick. But that doesn't bother Shaka's and bhandaaras which served them kitchri wen no one was there. Thats the good part..and that is mostly restricted to towns. Inside the flooded kosi belly are the main people who need help..and those are being undertaken by few committed organizations. That is where we give our supplies to. All the camps in city hav more than what they need..that's the fact...and maybe after sometime...these will find a way to interiors too..but not now. Guneshwar and friends want to work..they will join us from sunday.
chlorine has started to come in from day before yesterday...and most of them are already segmented and ready for dispatch. in fact,we are doing good..and the more hands we hav, the better it is to reach more areas. Its the delay in transportation thats causing up problems. There is never going to be enough for everyone out here. Regarding milk and baby food, you will get the responce from ppl who are using it soon..and you will be pleased to have put the money where it was needed.
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