Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kumarkhand -updates

Leaving Parwa embankment with relief materials for rahata village, Kumarkhand .The distance is around 15 KM & has to be covered by boats. We have two ITBP motorboats with us. Also traveling with us are two Doctors who will get down at Kumarkhand.

As one moves away towards north, becomes apparent that navigation is a real problem . There are no landmarks, no route, no predefined
corridor. As it happened, we lost one motorboat as we moved on. We waited for them some 10 km upstream, hoping that they were safe. Later, we found each other.

It is very easy to get lost. This place is no river having a defined way and underlying river bed. This is the new Kosi route flowing over farmlands. The surface water current is very high, and dangerously deceptive at places where the ground below is uneven.

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