Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thank you Serena, thank you Infosys.

We have received the following relief materials (on oct 8 2k8) from;

Serena Fonseca,
A/903, Vikas Towers Housing Society
Mogra Pada.
Andheri (E).
Mumbai 400 069. 

Carton/Bale#Contents# of Cartons
1Childrens & Men’s Clothes1
2Ladies Clothes1
3Men’s Clothes1
4Linen (Sheets & Towels)1
5Medicines & Miscellaneous1
6 – 21Food Items - Biscuits16
22 – 28Food Items – Cerelac7
29- 32Food Items - Lactogen4
33 – 36Tarpaulin Sheets4
TOTAL Weight 800kg.36 cartons

Dear Serena,Shanti & Cyrus DeSouza,residents of Vikas towers society
& all others who are involved in this relief effort,
Thank you so much.
Thank you for sending the relief materials despite the problems you would have faced.
Thank you for taking the initiative and seeing it thru...to make sure it reaches as close and as early to the flood victims.
Thanks a lot for sending these relief materials, I have received them all in very good condition.
Although I have not been able to meet Mr.Fonseca ( he is with the flood relief team at Saharsa), we are grateful that he & his team could come to Bihar and work with relief teams in affected areas. I hope I can meet him before he leaves for Mumbai.
The trapaulin sheets (15x12feet) coudnt have come at a better time...I was really desprate for this size of sheets.
Friends, I may not have been able to return your calls or update the blog as I am virtually traveling all the time for the last two weeks or so.
During the last ten days( 6 site visits) we have been able to distribute the following ;
  • Salvar-kameez-dupatta (sets) -680 
  • Salvar /loose tops/nightgowns /trackpants- 800
  • Children - cotton elastic shorts -new-1200
  • Mislc. dresses- ~~ 1500 (approx)
  • Bedsheets,towels,blankets- 60
  • chlorine water puriication tablets - 360,000.
  • baby food (cerelac/farex/amul) 400 packets
  • common medecines(Paracetimol, analgesics, cough n cold medications) 3 cartons
  • Disposable syringe's 3 & 5 ml -900 pc
  • Anti fungal cream -350 pc.
These are the main items, miscellaneous other stuf like slippers, sanitary nap's,cotton, band -aid, cotton badages, torchlights etc are procured locally on requirements n distributed.
1. Team  Infosys- Mysore, have collected substantial relief material and sent it through AOL.
1. Thanks a lot to  Aditya Shembekar,  Niranjan Baravani,  Sahana Sudarshan,  Ishan Bhalla , Surya Adivi, Sheethal Kumar G & others at Infy (Mys) for all the help.Thank you friends...may your tribe increase :)
    I will keep you updated of the status of consignment.
Thanks to all our donors, without  your help..this initiative would have been a non starter.
God bless you all.


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