Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank's to Capegemini,Chennai & Indus International School, Bangalore

We received 32 cartons of relief material( GATI D# 439426341) today afternoon.

Thanks a lot to Capegemini,Chennai for their help. Most of the clothes that we have distributed have come from Capegemini network.

Convey my heartfelt gratitude to the management and students of Indus International School, Sarjapur, Bangalore-25.
Thank you Mr.Kumar (Manoj Kumar,Leadership Curriculum Coordinator Indus International ) for all the help.

The 31 cartons of baby food/milk-lactogen/medicines etc. were really picked and packed very thoughtfully. Students from different classes and sections have sent individual packets of carefully selected material. It feels great to see this kind of understanding and generosity from the young generation, specially school children. Hats off to them.

This consignment is being taken to Muraligunj (ramgunj camp) tomorrow. Ramganj is still cut off and is in the path of new Kosi. Supplies are sent there by ITBP motorboats. The approach bridge is being erected by the army at a fast pace . A new camp is started their by AMURT, whom we are working with...and tomorrow our first supplies will be sent to the ppl at Ramgunj ....with lots of love from students of Indus International school, Bangalore.

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Ashok said...

Many thanks for Capegemini and Indus International School for their support.