Friday, October 17, 2008


Dear friends,

In the last five days, we have received 9 cartons of chlorine tablets ( one carton apparently misplaced, but railways have acknowledged that on paper, & if they find/receive it, we can have it), &

25 carton of clothes from Capegemini, Hyderabad.

Thanks again to Capegemini group, who have been sending us relief material throughout our effort.

Govt camps, which were being run in schools, have more or less been shifted to main camps, and many people have also returned back to the villages where water had receded.

Most of these villages are still not disinfected, and with a harsh winter just around, it will be tough for these people.

There are accumulated debris, carcass(in some villages in Jediah and murligunj where we are working),dead and rotting vegetation and stagnant pools of water, which probably will stay through the winter.

Due to reduction in water level,It is also getting difficult to get in these villages. You can reach some distance by boat, then you got to trek to the villages as water level is too low for boats.The problem is in carrying supplies. Last trip we borrowed a banana stump raft, and could carry supplies to some distance before it disintegrated. These rafts are to be pushed and not pulled (which we did).

One walks on the semi-metalled or brick-soled roads, which although are under ankle to knee deep water, are firm and safe. To push a raft one has to get down from the road..& that's dicey.

This trip (tomorrow night), we are taking truck tubes. Its a new area we are going to ( Madhepura-Murligunj) and dont know what to expect. ,are taking precautions.

In winter, life is going to be very difficult for the flood victims.

Cold,inadequate nutrition,poor sanitary conditions and stress will expose the flood victims to diseases like influenza,cold&cough, isnofelia,pneumonia et al., in addition to what they are/have already suffered from.

They will need warm clothes, specially for women and children. Woolen or cots-wool inner garments for children ( upto 6-8 years) are very important. Woolen clothes,woolen caps (monkey caps),socks, gloves.. anything that will help the children keep warm in dark damp conditions are needed out here.

NGO's are doing good service to affected people out here. Duplicity of efforts are very less and different pockets of flood area are taken up by different units of NGO's and self help groups.

Government Mega camps are functioning well, in an organized way and will be helpful to the people taking refuge there even in future, as doctors stationed there are also following up serious cases treated earlier at the camps.

But as you go north, towards Nepal, the flood conditions still apply. We are talking about places which are in route of the new kosi. Water current at the core flow area is still very strong.

Most of these places are north and north-east of madhepura. Many villages are still cut off as the roads joining then have been washed off and are still under water.

AMURT volunteers are in some of these villages doing yeoman's service. They are disposing carcass, starting basic camps, medical service and making semi-permanent camps for human and animal care.

They need medical supplies,doctors, veterinary doctors or student volunteers, veterinary medicines.
I hope people will come forward and help them.

We are helping them with all that we can, specially in camps which are operating in difficult interior regions.

You can contact Acharya Kisen Sood  for any information regarding help and relief.

Thanks a lot to all who have been helping us provide some relief to flood victims.

thanks & regards,


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