Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bihar Flood relief contribution from Mindteck

Dear all,

We are pleased to inform that Mindteck (India) www.mindteck.com along with their employees has come forward to help the people affected by Bihar flood.Mindteck India's employees have contributed Rs. 41,101 (forty one thousand one hundred one rupees) and same ammount has been contributed by the management of Mindteck India. Total ammount conributed by them is Rs. 82,202 (Eighty two thousand two hundred two ruppes). We have received two cheques on the name of Prayass. Prayaas is our NGO partner through which we are continuing the flood relief activity in Bihar along with Chandan at Patna. This is a great gesture from employees and management of Mindteck India. We thank them on behalf of people of Bihar. This is really a great help towards the rehabilation of people affected by Kosi Flood.
We keep updating the flood relief activity at our blog
PS: Amar Jamadhiar, one of our group moderator works for Mindteck and he was very instrumental in collecting this fund.
I have attached a photo which was sent by Mindteck's HR while handing over cheque to me.

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