Sunday, December 14, 2008

Update from Ground Zero

Dear friends,

As you may be aware, Guneshwar Ji has come to Patna to help with the flood relief work. Srikant ji, who has been working with us from the onset, and was slightly hurt in a mishap, had come back to patna yesterday night.Today morning, 600 blankets, 300 new woolen dress set for children, clothes for villagers and other relief materials were sent to Pratapgunj. Guneshwar Ji & Srikant Ji have gone with the materials on a mini truck. The progress is difficult as driving is really taxing.
Presently(9.30 pm),they are at a line hotel near Baidnathpur, 40 KM away from the camp. The visibility is down to about 20 feet because of fog and I have requested them to stay put at the line hotel till daylightDistribution will be done tomorrow at Gwalpada & Pratapgunj. If there are any further delays, Guneshwar Ji & Srikant Ji will decide the distribution accordingly.

I cant thank Guneshwar Ji enough; he came y'day from Gujrat, went to donate blood at Mahavir Cancer hospital, and left today for what I think will be a three days camp.Tells you a lot about the passion that he has for weak, downtrodden and distressed people.And thanks to all of you; it just could not have been possible without your continued & unequivocal support.

Thanks & regards,
ps ; during last month or so we have distributed around 1300 blankets, apart form other relief materials.
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