Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First relief consignment 2009.

Its been some time since I was last here; and the news is that the ground situation is more or less the same as it was last week of last year.

The good news though, is that the Bihar Govt. has restarted its relief package all over again, i.e, it is providing relief money and food for the second time to the flood victims all over again. It is also providing blankets and warm clothing. Good or bad press, I feel this gesture by the govt. is appriciable.

Those of us who have worked out here, or are working here..know what a logistical nightmare it is to even reach the victims, leave alone carrying the relief material & undertaking the distribution. Weather, infrastructure,extreme reactions from distraught flood victims ..these are some of the factors that make these efforts even more difficult.

We still hear of areas not yet touched, of miseries faced by a large helpless population.. and sadly that will stay more or less the same. But we can take heart because the weather will improve, the Govt aid will become more accessible and HOPEFULLY the Kusaha breach will be plugged before more damage can be done.

Our CM, Mr.Nitish Kumar is supposed to be at Kusaha on 9th Jan, I hope he makes sure that Kosi is redirected to the old path before it starts to swell again. If he can do that, the gratitude of millions affected directly or indirectly in this flood will tide him over any political tsunamis he may face for a long long time.

Inside the kosi belt, deep inside the labyrinth of broken roads and dis shelved villages; at places where people dont know for sure whether Bihar is a district, a state or a country; where life starts and sets with the Sun...people believe that their "Sarkar'" , their "Raja" will come & save them from Kosi's fury. With lump in my throat, I hope that their belief is true.These are simple folks with pure soul and a good heart. How long can God defy them.

Back on terra firma, we have received about 840 new blankets and old woolen clothes & we start distribution from today. There is no wrap up date for us..we are still working & will keep on doing so till we run out of relief materials.

We will start with Koriapatti (East) Panchayat(Trivenigunj prakhand) tomorrow & move up towards Birpur & Chatapur. Our base will be at Dighi Panchayat.

Serena, thanks for the tarpaulin sheets you sent earlier.. one sheet is giving shelter to about 10 people in this cold damp foggy weather.

Thanks a lot for your good wishes & prayers, they have helped us immensely to tide over difficult  periods of  flood relief work.

Best wishes for a fruitful year ahead.

God bless you all.

ps; For self help groups in and around Trivenigunj,Pratapgunj & Birpur; if you need moderate quantity of clothing for men ,womem & children, kindly sms/call us on 0612 6450916 & leave a message. We have some stock of clean, matched & packed sets of clothing of different sizes.

+91 9931763070

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1 comment:

Rakesh Ranjan said...

Good to know that Govt is back in action.. With election time around it can spin anyway around.. There will be more politics .. I wish they should genuinely do something from just lip service.