Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kolhaypatti Dumaria Panchayat

Kolhaya patti Panchayat is near Dighi panchayat where the last blanket distribution had been done. Distribution of blankets in Kolhayapatti panchayat was undertaken day before yesterday. 260 blankets were given to people who could not be given the same during our last trip here.

Coupons are personally distributed to households which are in extremely bad condition. This is done by team members who go to the affected villages in advance. They are given blankets /warm clothing when they come to camp & the coupon is retrieved with a thumb impression or signature of the beneficiary.
This village is in shambles; stagnant water, broken bridges & roads.. deep erosion of fertile farmlands... the damage is unbelievable.

This was a plain farm area; Kosi flowed right through this village, under scouring &destroying many buildings. These villages look like a war zone.

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