Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update: 28 Jan 2009

It must be one of the better news that all people & organization connected in flood relief have heard lately.

The Kosi is back on course, back where it belonged.

This news comes because of the untiring hard work of engineers from Govt.of Bihar, from Vashistha construction, from other agencies who were working on this 24x7

The people of Nepal & Bihar, who worked (laborers,contractors,engineers & all others) under tough weather conditions for close to 9 weeks have made it possible.

The repair work was very tough, and after the partial collapse of coffer dam 3 earlier this month, things looked a bit uncertain.

The whole team has done well to bring Kosi back & that is really good work; Now, they have to make sure that the breach is totally repaired and that vigil is maintained all through the embankments & dredging & maintenance is undertaken regularly.

We are at Dighi Panchayat, near Biharigunj.

We have been distributing warm clothes & blankets in Koriapatti & Bhawartola villages. The people from Bhawaertola will be coming to dighi to get the blankets tomorrow afternoon.

We cannot do distribution of blankets inside these villages as they are still not reachable by 4 wheeler, & also because crowds swell to unmanageable size during distribution.

We have given woolen shawl, children clothes earlier today( 60 families) when we were there to distribute the coupons for blanket distribution.

Water level went down by about a feet yesterday & we hope to get a clear traversable road to this cluster of villages shortly.

We will be here till 31st Jan i.e Saraswati Puja.

We have got some educative kits for small children which we shall be distributing on 30/31st Jan.

By Chandan.
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Rakesh Ranjan said...

Very good news and signs of some relief. Hopefully in coming season things will be under control.