Sunday, February 1, 2009

Its spring.

As one drives around Madhepura and moves ahead towards north, the countryside comes alive with the lazy sunshine of late winter mornings. Its lush green around with lots of marigold blooming
in the diffused sunlight. Its hard to believe that a river flowed over this area a few months back. Its been an amazing journey.. right through monsoons & the winter.Its been a tough time for everyone in this region..Many have lost everything. Yet, life goes a routine.And so does nature.

With the renegade river brought back on its old course, water level is ebbing away quickly..and
there is hope in the air. Expectancy.. for a new, better period ahead.
Its the beginning of spring,rebirth is in the air.

Beneficiaries from the villages (Bhawnertola & Singhwara) being given the relief materials (warm clothes /blankets).

It is painful to see people still suffering from massive floods that started almost five months back. These are the people at the bottom of the relief rope,too weak to go to big relief centers, too far n deep inside the Kosi labyrinth to be touched by relief agencies working here earlier. With the decrease in water level, some villages can be reached now by two wheeler. These people are from Bhawner tola & Singhwara, amongst a cluster of villages still cut off for major disaster relief.

Its the resilience & raw courage of these down to earth folks that has carried them through five months of water & cold damp surroundings.

The community hung around each other like never before..they helped each other with all they had..its amazing. Their attitude has been a revelation

for many of us. They have won their lives back by mentally not allowing even the thought of death enter their head; physically they are tattered...they had no control over what was happening around them..but mentally, they never gave away hope. Hope has carried them through this living hell.

Now, as our Government tries to give them whatall it has, lets hope that their life on the other side of this Kosi experiance is better, much better than what they perceive.

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