Sunday, August 31, 2008

At Ground at Forbasegunj

Forbasegunj relief imitative;
Dr. Manish, Mr.Raj, Mr.Alok are residents of Forebasegunj who have been working tirelessly
for the last 14 days in rescuing and helping the flood victims in the vicinity of Forbesgunj, including Bir pur where the breach took place.

This is the town that stood up as one in their fight against this natural disaster. Their videos
posted on Youtube gives the first visuals of the severity of this deluge. They have been fighting ceaselessly, a show of determination and mental strength that is difficult to describe. They have fought for every inch, put their life on hold for every life they could save. Another such person is Mr. Sanjeev Srivastav, an industrialist who rushed from Kolkata as fast as he could. Mr. Srivastav, a strong swimmer and a dedicated relief worker is trying his best to rescue and help as many people in any way he can.

He has motivated many youths there along with Manish,Alok & Raj and now they a strong 20 men team who are working round the clock for rescue people. There is a need for a larger relief camp at Forbasegunj. We hope to get that started very soon. For people and agencies that can help them.

Regarding the fatalities, only an estimate can be given at this point of time. According to Sahara TV, who have special correspondent in the effected area, it is feared that even lak people might have perished (Yesterday 7pm live news bulletin) . I would pray that he is wrong and the official figure is the right one. What we have at hand is still a massive evacuation of millions stranded in the Kosi, and their subsequent rehab.

Lets work on that as best as we can.


Anjani said...

Just stopped by to thank you all. Great work!!!

Will get in touch with you guys ASAP.

- Anjani

pratibha said...

just wanted to find out if I can contribute in any way towards the flood relief operation in Bihar.
I work with a bank in Kolkata. Please get in touch with me at
I am not sure how but would definitely like to give a helping hand.


Chandan said...

Friends,we can use all the help we can get.

Pratibha Ji, areas around Fobesgunj are badly affected. There are around seven relief camps functioning there..they need trauma counselors there.
Anjani Ji; Its going to be a long hard life ahead for all those who survived. Sustained counselling, stabilization and rehabilitation program needs to be undertaken on large scale. Chip in wherever you can.


Gunjan said...

Great work . Since you are engaged in relief work, you might want to check out the following:
It is a comprehensive database listing details about the Bihar floods, situation reports and a list of all organisations working for relief and rehabilitation. It has been formed by a group of professionals and people from Planning Commission who are trying to co-ordinate relief activities and to pass on the information to people who want to engage in/contribute to the relief work.