Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bihar floods-day 13

This deluge is turning out to be one of the worst natural calamity that this state has ever witnessed.Huge number of people and animals have been affected. Thousands of people have been feared dead, and the loss of animal life cant even be estimated.This has to be one of the largest flash flood ...3 million people are still trapped and have to be evacuated .Today Nepal released 2.5 million cusecs of water, and water level has gone up by another three feet.At places the depth of water in farming areas where crops were standing 15 days ago is under 12-14 feet water and the current of water is comparative to ritcher 5 of earthquake intensity.

Chandan Singh
From Ground Zero
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Vikash Kumar Roy said...

GOD bless you and give you more strength to perform your duty. Myself sitting 3000 miles away can only wish you guys good luck. I have done what I can through CM relief fund.