Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flood situation worsens

The floods in kosi belt have caused massive damage.
The embankment breach and subsequent influx of huge water body has already claimed more than 4000 people. The situation has worsened because of the current of water,and widening of breached embankment...water is still flowing in.

At Forbesgunj, 2 boats were made available by SSB for relief..but the current has sunk the boat and its occupants. When the breach occurred a few days back, people rushed to high grounds for safety. The initial first breach. which was about 10 m wide opened up to more than 1500 meters within hours.Now, its impossible to plug it.. in a way, the river has changed its course and is flowing right into the heart of kosi belt.

I am afraid that thousands of people who has taken shelter on high grounds near the embankment would have been washed away by yesterday night as erosion and landslides have levelled down everything in the path.

I've been in constant touch with Raj at forbesgunj; the people there have arranged material for relief and are trying their best to help, but they just cant get in the water. Airdropping was the only option till yesterday.

There has been no media coverage, and the govt. which was very quiet , has at least accepted the fact and are rushing in team after team and conducting meeting after meeting.

Irrigation dept had rushed personnel to help its present staff near valmiki barrage and biratnagar, about 5 days back.. .but they were chased off by Nepali citizens.

Nepal has been very uncooperative since the change of government.

I had tried to call all media channels and newspapers as was requested by people at Forbesgunj. I hope they send in their teams to cover the damage.

Thousands of bodies are floating around, and when the water level subsides people will be able to see the magnitude of this tragedy.

I have sent chlorine tablets & ORS by train to Forbesgunj yesterday colleague would be able to give more details once he reaches there.

Flood relief at Aurai block (Muzaffarpur) was undertaken smoothly...and stopped now as situation is much better & local govt. bodies are well equipped.

I am attaching a mail by Mr.Raj, whom I am in touch for the last three- four days. The communication network is very bad, but somehow emails are getting through.

I may be leaving for forbesgunj on monday/ tuesday, once I receive chlorene tablets consignment from Bhopal.

Raj Kumar Aug 22 (2 days ago) Forbesgunj

to Chandan

date Aug 22, 2008 7:33 PM

Many villages have nearly been washed away & it is predicted that more water will enter the area from canals that r on the verge of breaking up. I cannot give u the exact figure but thousands of people r already dead. It is very difficult to reach out to them due to lack of convenience like boat.

Many people r on the roof starving for food which is difficult to be delivered. Except by airway. If u have a strong team who has the experience & determination to help in this situation of flood relief than pls come n help us to help them in the best possible way.

The farmers have lost their crops & home.

The boat facility is, limited to 2 speed boats supplied by the SSB. Otherwise the area was not prepaired to face such a huge calamity.

From patna u can catch the train to Katihar n then next train to forbesganj.

I appreciate ur willingness to help at such short notice.

Effected areas--- Balua, Birpur, Chhatapur, Phulkaha, and all nearby areas.

Would be in need of chlorine tablets


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