Monday, August 25, 2008

Update on 25th Aug

This mail came from forbesgunj today;
While appreciating your concern, I am giving hereunder the list of required medicines:

paracetamol 1000,spasmonil 500ORS 1000+B complex 1000entroquinol 500domperidon 500cetrizin 500cough syrup (anti-tussive/anti allergic) 1000Bleaching powderChlorine tabletsPot. PermanganateSir, what is required more than medicines is the proper media coverage. In fact this is not flood. The Koshi has taken new route through the break and will continue to flow throughout the rainy season or till the repair.The most unfortunate is the temperament and attitude of authorities. When we went to Officer in charge Dr. H.K. Singh at Local referral hospital, busy seeing patients in his private clinic, for Bleaching powder, Chlorine tablets, Pot. Permanganate etc., he was indifferent and declined about the availability of anything. The flood was well forseen and it has past about a week. Is it not astonishing that in spite of all claims of preparations by our C.M., the reality is just otherwise.No drinking water is made available in to the trapped area, forcing the occupants to drink flood water. This is spreading diarrhea.General Motorboats are ineffective in shallow water containing shrubs (disturbing the rotor blades) and the current makes chappu boat difficult.The causality rate is very high and the remaining lives are striving hard for survival. What we are worried is the epidemic which is bound to follow the incident.Rest when we meet.-AlokFriend of Raj

I am arranging for medecines locally, consignmemt from Bhopal has not come in yet. I'll be leaving soon for kisangunj. If any of you know people in media, please ask them to have a look at Kisangunj.I had talked to them 2 days back, and had sent the contact to Alok/Raj then. They assured that they would be going there but have not as of today.

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