Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update from ground 26th Aug 2008

Dear friends,

The flood situation in the kosi belt is very bad, and is going to get worse in the coming days.
The DM of Madhepura has ordered evacuation of Madhepura town and its surrounding areas. This order comes after water entered Madhepura today evening and water level is increasing sharply. This decision by the DM came as the government authorities were not prepared for such situation. The worst hit amongst the evacuees are the flood victims who had come to Madhepura to take refuge as their villages were washed away.

The people of Madhepura town do not know where to go, and the administration has no clue either. A few days back, all prisoners from Saharsa were moved to Madhepura as a precautionary measure. It is to be seen that where these prisoners will be shifted after Madhepura's evacuation.

As an immediate step, 10 lakh people have to evacuated otherwise they will perish. Bihar CM wants all affected people to be evacuated first, as they fear that as the water level rises, the victims cannot be reached in any way.

Mr.Nitish Kumar said that the situation is very bad, and if the flow and level of water increases, immediate step would be for people to move away from danger areas before its too late. It will not be possible to save stranded people if there is increased flow of water in flood hit areas. He said that the main priority now is to evacuate the people from those areas.

He said that areas of Supaul, Madhepura, Ararari, Purnea are badly affected, and if water keeps increasing and meets near Kursaila, then portions of Purnia and Katihar will also be badly affected. In total, 20-25 lakh people will be affected by this flood. About a dozen districts are badly affected. 16 blocks and 168 panchayat 470 villages from Supaul ,Madhepura and Araria districts are severely damage &
Army has been deployed in these districts.

I appeal to you to spread the word around and if possible, try to help the flood victims. I have been in constant touch with some people from Forbesgunj who have uploaded video clips on you tube, the links are given below:


I am attaching email by Mr.Raj, whom I am in touch for the five- sixdays. The communication network is very bad, but somehow emails are getting through.

Raj Kumar Aug 22 (2 days ago) Forbesgunj
to Chandan
date Aug 22, 2008 7:33 PM

Dear Chandan,
Many villages have nearly been washed away & it is predicted that more water will enter the area from canals that r on the verge of breaking up. I cannot give u the exact figure but thousands of people r already dead. It is very difficult to reach out to them due to lack of convenience like boat.
Many people r on the roof starving for food which is difficult to be delivered. Except by airway. If u have a strong team who has the experience & determination to help in this situation of flood relief than pls come n help us to help them in the best possible way.
The farmers have lost their crops & home.
The boat facility is, limited to 2 speed boats supplied by the SSB. Otherwise the area was not prepared to face such a huge calamity.
From patna u can catch the train to Katihar n then next train to forbesganj. I appreciate ur willingness to help at such short notice. Effected areas--- Balua, Birpur, Chhatapur, Phulkaha, and all nearby areas.
Would be in need of chlorine tablets
On Aug 25

While appreciating your concern, I am giving hereunder the list of required medicines:
paracetamol 1000,spasmonil 500ORS 1000+B complex 1000entroquinol 500domperidon 500cetrizin 500
cough syrup (anti-tussive/anti allergic) 1000
Bleaching powder
Chlorine tablets
Pot. Permanganate
Sir, what is required more than medicines is the proper media coverage. In fact this is not flood. The Koshi has taken new route through the break and will continue to flow throughout the rainy season or till the repair.

The most unfortunate is the temperament and attitude of authorities. When we went to Officer in charge Dr. H.K. Singh at Local referral hospital, busy seeing patients in his private clinic, for Bleaching powder, Chlorine tablets, Pot. Permanganate etc., he was indifferent and declined about the availability of anything. The flood was well forseen and it has past about a week. Is it not astonishing that in spite of all claims of preparations by our C.M., the reality is just otherwise.

No drinking water is made available in to the trapped area, forcing the occupants to drink flood water. This is spreading diarrhea.

General Motorboats are ineffective in shallow water containing shrubs (disturbing the rotor blades) and the current makes chappu boat difficult. The causality rate is very high and the remaining lives are striving hard for survival. What we are worried is the epidemic which is bound to follow the incident.

Rest when we meet.

Friend of Raj

I will be leaving for Forbeshgunj shortly with medicines and water purifiers. If anyone needs any information from my end, mail me or call me at 9931763070 or email

Given below are the telephone numbers of Disaster management cell at Patna

Please try to spread the word around and I am sure people will come forward and help the flood victims.


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