Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amidst unmentionable conditions...children want to study .

Developments for the day..

Guneshwar and team, after spending the night at space and comfort provided by kind patrons of Mandan Bharti Jagriti Samaj Saharsa,at Trivenigunj, left for Daparkhar embankment where 100's of family are taking shelter.

They are living in makeshift half shelters,open to nature. Sky above, Kosi below

The team distributed clothes, made sure milk was prepared and given to the children, use of chlorine was demonstrated,and chlorine distributed along the stretch.

They made a list of children, things they need, food they get, problems they have.

What was heartening through all the misery and "real" flood situation, was that.. there was a girl student who was teaching the children there.

Fifteen KM from nowhere, their home .. a stretch of embankment kilometers long, under the unrelenting sun or cascading sky, surrounded by Kosi river...this girl teaches kids.

So, you see.. all is not lost. There is hope...and there will be life in the remotest of places...just because of presence of small dedicated people who excel in distress.

The team left the embankment at around 3.00-4.00pm and are nearing Saharsa now...they should be Patna by early morning

At the Baidhnathpur govt camp, a teacher asked what will happen to the children who have to appear for the board exams next year. Their school is being used as a make shift relief camp, and it will take time for all camp to be shifted into mega camps..and hardly any students come to the schools as of now. So, although they are teaching in these camps, they would like to start classes at their regular schools asap.

Lets hope that none of the students who have registered for Board exams, are denied this opportunity. I am sure our government and education department are capable of dealing with this huge responsibility.

This is one thing that shines bright throughout the places we have been...right in the heart of kosi..the importance of education, and the continuation of the same amidst unmentionable conditions.

In bachhon ke aaknon me paani hai, chehre pe tez` hai..pata hi nahi chalta ki ye is traasadi ke beech hain.. its a wonder...and no wonder Bihar has excelled in education amidst poverty.

Next year, when these kids appear for their exams..it will be an answer to a very difficult and painful question mother nature asked them.
'Do you have it in you...can you swim through..can you be successful ?'

The answer will be a resounding "YES".

And tell you what, they will not be swimming towards shelter...they will be sprinting towards victory!

Touchwood !
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