Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Received Items from Capgemini, Pune and Kolkata

Today we received following material from Capgemini, Pune and Capgemini, Kolkata. These items are labeled and packed separately, which is a great help for us. We will save time on sorting and repacking. Thanks to all involved for their generous help, without your help it would not have been possible to carry out the relief operations.

Capgemini Kolkata - 5 boxes (sent by Mr Biplab Haldar, Consultant, IFM, Capgemini)

ASYST park, plot - GN37/1, sector V
Salt lake, Kolkata - 91

Containing following items:

Pants,Shirts, Tshirt,Salwar ,Salwar pant ,Dupatta,Saree,Bedsheet ,Sweater,Blanket,Childrens' pant,Children shirt,Towel,Shoes,Biscuit ,Chura,Sattu & Amul milk

Capgemini`~ Pune -

33 boxes ( Cleanly segregated & labeled)

Clothes - 10 box ;Food grains - 5 box,Biscuits - 6 box,Bedsheets - 12 box

Thanks a ton to all our donors. God Bless you all.

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