Monday, September 15, 2008

Baidnathpur relief camp, Saharsa.

Baidnathpur relief camp, Saharsa.

Its a largish camp with around 200 shelters.
We have distributed 480 odd garments which was with us. Food is provided by the Govt, and NGO's are not allowed to cook food or provide cooked food to the beneficiaries.

Milk powder is needed here, we have distributed around 46 kg of milk powder (along with the Aanganwadi volunteer and Camp caretaker), reckon we need more.

Lack of clothes here..most of the children here need clothes...they hardly hav any.

The teachers are holding classes for the school here since 7-8th sep. They hav some books for lower classes, but need stationary and books for higher classes.

Govt health workers have been maintaining the handpumps, providing potable water. Chlorine /Halogen tables are available here.

We are trying to get the list of students/age group to supply them with books/stationary.

They also need some kind of recreational activity, so trying to arrange for football/volleyball etc.

Things needed; Clothes,books,dietary supplements,...and more milk powder.

Baidnathpur,Saharsa. 1.30pm,sep152k9

PS: We will be sending the required materials by tonight. Also, would request someone from 'Goonj' to help these children with clothes, if possible. You can send clothes directly to our team in Patna from nearby city. As transportaion is taking too much time and cost so please post consignment from nearby city.


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