Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update from Pratapgunj & Chatapur

We are now moving up to Pratapgunj, we haven't decided the route to be taken ( via Purnea or via Nepal) as we are waiting for confirmation from 9 volunteers who have gone in.This area (Pratapgunj & Chatapur) is the worst affected flood area.
There has been significant improvement in these areas as they are right in the middle of Kosi flow, nearest to Kusaha breach. The water current is still very bad and the villages which suffered the largest causality are in these two blocks.We have been asked to bring 15 life jackets for the volunteers and medicines for flood victims who are still trapped in there.We will be carrying the blankets,shawls and some medicines; but we do not know how we will go inside in the core area. No boats can go in because of very high current, & roads have been swept clean. But, as nine AMURT volunteers have already made it inside and connected with some villages there.. we are going in too, come what may.PFB the list of medicines, if someone can help us with these.. it would be a big help.

As of now, I still keep blankets & woolens as the most important relief materials, so we cannot fund these medicines from what we have.But if someone approaches us or wants to chip in, they can help in purchase of these medicines. These can be sent directly to us or to AMURT office. They can also be sent directly to Pratapgunj camp. I can provide addresses & phone no's should someone need them.
The details of the medicine required for use in Pratapganj and Chatapur blocks. We need both for people & domestic cattle.

All opathic medicines needed are: ORS Sachet
Cifron CT tab.
Ornof O tab.
Metron tab. 400mg
Roxid (150mg) & 50mg
Perinorm tab & syrup
Deriphyllin Amp
Effcorlin (100mg) vial
Crocin tab 500mg, 250mg
Tminic syrup
Polybion syrup
Combiflam tab, syrup
Ofas syrup, tab
Ofal M syrup
Taxim 'o' tab & syrup
Ordem tab & syrup
Neosporin Powder
Bactroban ointment
Surfaz ointment
Clop GM ointment
Omez cap 20mg
Pantop 40mg tab
Corex 'D' syrup
Grillinctus syrup
Phenyl bottles
Sinarest tab, syrup
Cetriz 10mg tab, syrup
Norflox Tz tab
Benocide forte
Hetrazan tab
Tab. Chloroquinine
Tab. Ranitidine
Tab. Omexozole
For the domesticated animals the medicines needed are
1. Two types of vaccines - HS & BQ
2. Deworming medicine - Albenzazole bolus 3gm, 1.5gm, 500mg
3. Fungal infection - betadine liquid & Lorexen cream
4. Terramycine Bolus 500mg

Thanks & regards,

PS: Anubha Ji, I could not collect woolen clothes from your place y'day. I will get it collected today. Thank you all for putting in so much time, effort and money for flood relief.

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