Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Many villages east of Pratapgunj are accessible only by boat. The biggest problem is transporting relief materials to these places.
Here, we take relief materials (Blankets,woolen clothes,medicine, baby food) by small boats from Pratapgunj to Tokana

This packet containing baby food was sent to us about a month back by a student of Indus School Bangalore, and was lost during our relief effort at Kumarkhund on a boat. As luck would have it,while meeting volunteers at Madhepura en route to Pratapgunj, a boatman came to us and gave this packet to us. He had kept it safe for about a month, knowing that these were for flood victims. We couldn't thank him enough as it had baby food which was needed at Pratapgunj. Tells you a lot about these wonderful people who have helped us for more than three months now. Heart warming stuff.
Acharya Ji & Srikant Ji had gone ahead of us and distributed the coupons; they have all been very helpful.. each & every time we needed them, they were ready and willing..
We are boating in a field...imagine that ! The new kosi has lost weight but still very much present in these areas.

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