Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Distribution of woolen clothes and shawl for women and children was undertaken at Tokana village. It is one of the closest villages which can be reached by boat (3km away from Pratapgunj). Lots of aadivasi families live in these areas and are in need of warm clothes. We distributed 200 sets of warm clothes for children and 100 woolen shawls in this village. Earlier we had distributed 300 blankets to people from this area who collected the same from Pratapgunj camp.
It gets dark around 4.30- 5.00 pm in these areas, and its getting colder by each passing day.

Some of these poor children do not have even basic clothes..& most of them have no woolens.
No house, no clothes,no blankets ...and around three months of meagre food & shelter. They are hanging on ..hope is all that's keeping them afloat.

Navigating back to base camp (Pratapgunj) in almost total darkness. Reassuring thing is that the river is not deep, although at places there is strong current . Lots of bugs too.

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